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Key Topics

In-Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) 

  • What is iktva and the intent

  • What are the requirements for each element of iktva

  • What are the expectations

  • What is a company iktva

  • How is iktva applied in tenders

iktva 5-year plan

  • What is required for a 5-year iktva plan

  • Creation of a compliant plan 

  • How to present a plan and what information must be and should be included to ensure compliance

  • Scenario analysis -- Cost versus iktva how to effectively balance the two

  • What do I need to do after submitting – records, reporting and certification



  • What major suppliers expect from suppliers with regards to iktva

  • Who the major suppliers participating in the plan

  • What are some of the new opportunities being created in the kingdom

  • Communicating iktva success

  • Doing business in Saudi 

  • Where can I go for help

Who Should Attend

 - iktva Champions

- Business Development Managers

- iktva Group Managers

- Companies supplying, selling or planing to sell into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This course combines lectures with case studies so that the attendees gain the experience needed to understand the details required for success. Attendees will learn about iktva certification, 5-year iktva plans for companies, and project proposals. The course is accompanied by a guide book that contains key information, forms, and example spreadsheet formats to support the attendees after they leave the course. People who should attend are those within the company that develop project proposals (business development, proposal strategists, project reviewers, and cost estimators).

Day 1: iktva Certification 

• What is iktva? 

• What does your score mean?  

• How is the score calculated? 

• How to organize for success:

◦ What data and information must be collected?

◦ Which parts of your organization should be involved? 

• How to optimize the iktva score for maximum effect, including overlooked areas that may increase a company’s score. 

• How to utilize iktva to gain new revenues and increase market share.


Day 2: 5-Year iktva Plan  

• What is a 5-year iktva plan?  

• How to organize for success:

◦ What must be included?

◦ How to collect the information.

◦ Which parts of your organization should be involved?

◦ What information should you request from your customers and how to do this effectively. 

• Steps to creating a plan.  

• Mapping your supply chain and supply chain analysis 

• Human resource analysis: how to increase Saudization.


Day 3: Maximizing Your 5-Year iktva Plan 

• How to increase your iktva score without breaking the bank by focusing on high impact areas: o

◦ Training  

◦ Supplier Development  

◦ R&D  

• How to make the plan work for you.  

• How to effectively present your plan. 

• 5-year iktva plans for project proposals. 

• What do I need to do after submitting – records, reporting and certification

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