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Our courses teach you a systematic step-by-step approach to the certification and 5-year plans and answers the following questions:

  • Where to begin, who must be involved, what information is needed? 

  • How to synthesize all of the data and information into a successful iktva certification and 5-year plan. 

  • How to leverage your company’s iktva program as a differentiator that helps your company gain market share and new revenues. 

  • Monitoring and reporting requirements. 

  • What steps your company needs to take in order to effectively comply.  

  • How to develop the iktva plan in a way  that balances cost and iktva.  

  • How to identify and mitigate risks of non - performance 

This program was designed for finance, human resources, procurement, and iktva professionals. 

The course is taught in a small-group setting to facilitate attendee discussions, Q&A with the instructor, as well as attendee networking.  The course is supported by a course handbook which contains copies of slides and supplemental information to support the attendees after the course.  

Please contact us to discuss your training needs. We offer three types of training. 

  • Management Overview Seminar

  • Introduction to iktva/ICV Workshop

  • Creating Your Five - Year Plan Workshop

Note: Workshops without a consulting contract require a minimum of 10 attendees. 

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